The Nostalgia Level is off the Charts

I was browsing the internet today and came across a link to a new Looney Tunes animation! Two in fact, with another on the way. When I was growing up, Looney Tunes were pretty much all I watched from the cartoon world. For whatever reason I didn't follow the seemingly traditional track by getting a daily dose of Transformers or GI Joe, at least that is until Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles arrived. (Donatello yo!) Oddly enough, I hadn't even thought of Road Runner until just a couple of days ago, where they managed to sneak in while I listening to a Radiolab podcast. In the episode, the hosts, Jad and Robert, were postulating the reason as to why the Road Runner shorts caught on like they did, even though they were still following the basic template of a chase cartoon. (In case you were wondering, their theory was based on how the Coyote is very human-like and lives a me-against-the-world existence which is very relatable for the average Joe.

But, but, but, how are they?

To put it simply, they're awesome. Now, I won't lie, the "classic" Loony Tunes are the cat's meow, but theseā€¦ are terrific. They've been updated and were done using CG but they not only look great, they still manage to somehow capture the feel and charm of the original 2D shorts. Hopefully these get enough positive reaction that they'll continue producing them.

Without further adeiu:

Fur of flying from TBuddha on Vimeo.

Coyote Falls from TBuddha on Vimeo.

Update 01/01/2013: Fixed video links -- these should be working again!