Kickball, but with beer this time

Los Locos 2008

Another year nearly gone, another season finished. No, I'm not talking football this time, but rather kickball. That's right, organized frickin' adult kickball! One of every one's favorite school yard pastimes, but for drinking professionals. In fact, the real only difference between what you remember is you get to enjoy the game with a Bubba Keg full of the frosty cold beverage of your choice instead of juice boxes and community water fountains. Intrigued yet? Well, it gets better. If you manage to string together enough wins and take the regional cup (yeah, there's a cup trophy!), you get to make a trip out to Vegas to represent your region in the finals. In addition to the awesome kickballin, you also get the chance to participate in several social events though out the course of the season such as pub crawls and bar gatherings.

If you're looking for a fun sports league to play in that isn't the same boring volleyball or softball leagues give kickball a shot if you have what it takes. If you want more information, make sure to check out the Waka Kickball site. Solo players and groups are welcome!

Without further adieu, check out the Los Locos highlight video of this season:

Los Locos Season Highlights Winter 2008 from Shaun Smith on Vimeo.

Credit Mike "Talcum Powder" Parker